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#40 TBWM Top 40 & Remix (Getting All Caught Up)

New to the show and don't have time to listen to all of our prior 39 Episodes (you sit on a throne of lies!). Our fabulous producer Donna Smith went back and sifted through the archives to find our best interview's, segment's, one-liners in the first 39 Episodes. If you find yourself thinking, "Damn these guys are funny", go back and listen to our old shows. Welcome to the age of Bewilderment! “What the Fetter?”

-The Bewildered Men-

#018 Gerry Caray & Opening Day Comedy with Kyle Castro

Paul runs into Harry Caray's confused cousin Gerry at a bar and finds out that they are very similar. Randy ponders why his car never comes with all the "bells and whistles". Matter of fact he has never seen  a bell or whistle in any of his vehicles.

Comedian Kyle Castro stops by and has us cracking up pretty much the whole episode, so we apologize upfront for the obnoxious laughter. I mean who else can talk about "Going to a Potluck at The Church of Satan". 

Finally, Randy makes fun of Rich Mullins and the boys settle in on what excites them the most about spring time.