All in Faith

#40 TBWM Top 40 & Remix (Getting All Caught Up)

New to the show and don't have time to listen to all of our prior 39 Episodes (you sit on a throne of lies!). Our fabulous producer Donna Smith went back and sifted through the archives to find our best interview's, segment's, one-liners in the first 39 Episodes. If you find yourself thinking, "Damn these guys are funny", go back and listen to our old shows. Welcome to the age of Bewilderment! “What the Fetter?”

-The Bewildered Men-

#013 Dirty Coffee Talk & Be Kind To Yourself

Lucky number 13. If we are being honest, we are all over the place during this episode. If it could go wrong it did.

Guest Scheduling Mishap,Technology Difficulties and Randy being sick and so high on meds, that when listening back he had no recollection of what was said. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy. No topic is off limits:

Recent Gun Violence

Coffee Talk

Be Kind To Yourself

FlannelGraph Prositution

#011 De-Construction & Old Man Tendencies with Kevin MacDougall

Paul and Randy do not talk a ton on this podcast. There was no need to. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin MacDougall, who is not only a great friend but is also the Host/Producer/Editor of The Airing of Grief Podcast. 

We have an honest and open discussion with Kevin on what it is like to De-Construct your faith prior to having a way to define it and how you find your way back. 

This is one of our favorite episodes.